Eli Shepherd
Portrayed by Michael Mosley
Eli Shepherd
Position   -   Deceased
Country   -   Kingdom of Gilboa
Born   -   Port Prosperity
Family   -   David Shepherd (brother)
Eli Shepherd was the brother of David Shepherd . He was killed while fighting on the front line.

Character History Edit

Before the War Edit

Eli lived with his mother, father and 6 other brothers on farm near the Port of Prosperity. Eli's father fought and died in the Unification War, after the new King Silas sent he and his men to the front to die, after they refused to attack their own people in Southern Gilboa for revolting against the King.

During the War Edit

Eli fought on the front line with his brother David.  After David saved Jack and another hostage and had been invited to the city to serve, Eli was left on his own, but was very supportive of his brother. 

During a late night attack on his base, Eli was shot and killed. He died in David's arms.  His death inspired a speech by David, which led to talks between Gath and Gilboa. Eventually, this led to the end of the war.