The Republic of Gath is a nation bordering Gilboa to the north. It appears to be more overtly militaristic, p

Flag of Gath

ossibly a charismatic oligarchy and in reality a Military Dictatorship. The Premier is named Damien Shaw. It has had numerous military conflicts with Gilboa in the past. The most recent occurred two years ago, shortly after the celebration of the completion of Shiloh. The Gath Flag is gold and black with a single star left of center, thought two versions of the flag seem to exist. The flag, as it appears on military vehicles and uniforms features black on top and gold on the bottom, the flags hung in Gilboa for the treaty signing featured gold on top, and black on the bottom.


It is made apparent that Gath does not enjoy the same industrial and economic prosperity as Gilboa. While the show depicts Gath citizens and military personel as monochrome and pasty, Gilboans are depicted with much more color and life. "Gath is its military".


In Biblical scripture, Gath was one one of the five Philistian city-states and home of the warrior giant Goliath.

A city in Gath


Gath wilderness.