The Gathian Military is the armed forces of the Republic of Gath. Their rival is the Gilboan Military

The Gath Military has been militarily superior for most of existence, It was at the height of its power dur

Gath troops.

ing the Unification War but was severely cut down due to heavy losses at Somas. Since the Unification War however the Gath Military has slowly regained its former power, Focusing most of it's spending on the Goliath Tank while recieving AK assault rifles as imports for the Army instead of producing their own.


Gath troops use mostly assault rilfes, armoured vehicles and tanks. Gath does not appear to have a Navy as they are a landlocked nation.


Gath has a wide variety of Tanks and armoured vehicles. The Goliath is Gath's main battle tank which was thought to be indestructable. The Goliath is not only heavily armoured but can fire at very long ranges and can travel at up to 45 mph at top speed.

Air Force/NavyEdit

Because Gath is landlocked it has no Navy but does have patrol boats that guard it's borders along lakes or rivers. Gath does have an Air Force that is mostly comprised of attack helicopters and fighter pilots.

Gath soldiers patrolling the southern border.