The Area to Be Returned to Gath


Cover of the bound Treaty

After David Shepherd made a public offer of peace to Gath on the Northern Front, following his brothers death at the hand of a Goliath Tank, King Silas had no choice but to act as if Daivd's offer was his own, and draft an official peace accord with Gath (It is William Cross' determination that Silas'fed David his words' then sent him to the Front knowing that he would try to broker peace with Gath). The Primere of Gath Damien Shaw, accompanied by his top General, Malek, traveled to Gilboa's capital of Shiloh in order to sign the treaty. The treaty negotiations and signing broke down over minor changes to the treatys wording, including water rights in the west being adjusted to favor Gilboa. In order to restart the peace process King Silas offered Port Prosperity (Gath: Port Sorrow) as an incentive. Six months from the intended signing of the Peace Treaty, Silas and Shaw will meet on Gath terms and officially sign th Glboa-Gath Peace Treaty. In order to ensure lasting peace, Silas ammended his offer to include all the land that Gilboa took from Gath in the Unification War, the much disputed territory North of Prospreity River, this move is opposed by many Gilboans, and lead to the Insurrection at Port Prosperity.