giboan military

The Gilboan Royal Armed Forces is the armed forces of the Royal Kingdom of Gilboa. Their military rival is the Gath Military.


The Gilboans use assault rifles and anti-tank weaponry. However, they do not seem to use armored vehicles or tanks, as the Goliath tanks were believed to be unstoppable.


Kings Royal Guard

Military Types Edit

Their are various types are Soldiers in the Gilboan Military.

Infantry - Infantry soldiers are the foot soldiers out on the battlefield. They are the front line and are the first in action and defend their country with their lives.

Royal Guard - These appear to be Marines. They stand in dress uniform guarding Altar Mansion, the vineyard, and Unity Hall.

The King's Own - The King's Own are a select few of highly skilled Special Forces type individuals who serve as the king's private personal force. They are skilled assassins and skilled in combat and are who the royal family deploys if they are needed in battle.

Air Force / Navy Edit

Gilboa's Air Force was seen in Goliath Part 2 as a large swarm of F/A-18s. According to the Kings website, Gilboa does have a Navy. The quantity and type of ships are unknown.

Known ranks Edit

King of Gilboa - Five gold stars

  • King Silas wears five black stars on his field uniform in Goliath Part 2

General - Four gold stars

  • Linus Abner appears to be the sole four-star general of Gilboa

Lieutenant General - Three gold stars

Major General - Two gold stars

Brigadier General - One gold star

Colonel - Three gold diamonds

Lieutenant Colonel - Two gold diamonds

Major - One gold diamond

  • Jack Benjamin holds this rank throughout the entirety of the series

Captain - Two silver bars

Lieutenant - One silver bar

Sergeant - Three downwards red chevrons

Corporal - Two downwards red chevrons

Private - One downwards red chevron

  • Most soldiers and royal guard have this rank

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