Protesters in Port Prosperity

The Insurrection at Port Prosperity was a revolt meant to force the King to reconsider the terms of his peace treaty with Gath.  The Insurrection was planned by citizens of the Norther Territories including Ethan Shepherd. During a rally protesting the return of Port Prosperity to Gath, angry protesters chanting the mantra "Our Blood, Our Land" clashed with police. In the ensuing chaos, shots were fired, killing one and injuring at least 31, including David Shepherd, who had been sent to the rally to serve as the voice of King Silas. Several armed rebels barricaded themselves in the Port's offices, which Michelle Benjamin entered in the hopes of negotiating a peaceful surrender. She was subsequently taken captive. King Silas then ordered a media-blackout for Port Prosperity, and sent in a sniper team who killed the rebels. Of the group that captured the princess, only Ethan Shepherd survived.


King Silas examines a Thermal Scan showing Rebels (blue) and the Princess (red)

King Silas' Response Edit


Traitorous Ministry Members Being Arrested

King Silas seemed to be indifferent to the protest and subsequent insurrection at Port Prosperity. The King spent the day in the country fly-fishing, despite  the objections of his advisors. It was not until his daughter Michelle was captured by the rebels that Silas intervened, quelching the rebellion. In reality Silas had been aware of the rebellion from the beginning, and had been keeping Ethan Shepherd under surveillance for weeks. The King used the rebellion as an opportunity to feign weakness, and draw out members of his ministry who were plotting against him with William Cross.