Linus Abner
Portrayed by Wes Studi
Linus Abner
Position   -   General
Country   -   Kingdom of Gilboa

General Linus Abner is an officer in the Gilboan Military and a military attache to King Silas Benjamin. General Abner feels that King Silas has gone soft, and has allied himself with William Cross to overthrow Silas.

In the episode Brotherhood, King Silas kills General Abner with a dagger, after the General reveals his desire for more war against Gath. He felt that his king had gone soft, making peace with the enemy. Silas labeled him as a traitor, and personally executed him.

Inspiration Edit

In the Bible Abner served as chief of the army for King Saul, his cousin from their fathers' side. Following Saul’s death, Abner set up Ish-bosheth, Saul's son, as a rival king to David. Abner was clearly the power behind the throne and in time obtained the support of all the tribes except Judah, which was loyal to David. With Abner’s death by Joab, King David's army general and his nephew, any hoped-for support for Ish-bosheth collapsed and the rule of the house of Saul came to a end.