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Flag of Port Prosperity

Mayor of port prosperity

Mayor or Port Prosperity speaking at a rally protesting the move by King Silas to return the northern territory to Gath

Port Prosperity is a coastal port located currently within Gilboa. It is known to Gath as the Port of Sorrow.  The shows hero, David Shepherd lives just outside of it, in a farm owned by his family.

History Edit

Pre-Unification War Edit

Port Prosperity was called the Port of Sorrow after it was built by the Gathan people. Even though it was a coastal port, it was nothing more than an industial port of call for Gath navy. ("Prosperity") It was seized by then General Benjamin near the outset of the Unification War,

Unification War Edit

During the war, David and Eli Shepherd's father fought to defend Port Prosperity; he died fighting for his home town. During this time, the port was built up.

Post Unification War Edit

The port was used as a means to haul all the construction materials from around the world to build and restore Shiloh.

War with Gath Edit

Silas offers the Port to Gath as part of the peace treaty to be handed over six months from the signing of the document. This outraged the residents of Port Prosperity and the Norther Territory, leading to the Insurrection at Port Prosperity, an incident which resulted in seven deaths and 31 injuries, as well as the capture of Princess Michelle by rebels .

City of Port Prosperity.


Port Prosperity City Hall during the handover.