King Silus Benjamin: Don't Go!

Eli Shepherd: Don't go, Don't go!

Queen Rose Benjamin: There are days when things must be right, today, things must be perfect.  They come, as we speak, our enemy, and we must treat them as friends.  Processional, signing, reception, every detail has been carefully chosen and details count.  Seating charts can alter the course of delegate history, battles lost for want of a desert spoon.  We can change the world today; so long as we provide perfection.

Thomasina:  The day is beginning, Sir.

Silus:  And a good day it will be.   I'm feeling lucky already.

Thomasina:  Two inches from the Kings coffee, mind eves.

Thomasina:  They've reached Shiloh.

Silus:  That one's fine.

Rose:  Fine is for every other day, if today goes as it should-

Silus:  As it will

Rose:  Some photographer's going to snap the picture to keep the memory of the day you made peace with the implacable, and I'll be damned, that in it, your tie is "just fine" - they're going to sign.  You did it.

Silus:  Without any reverend.

Rose:  That's right, all by yourself.

Silus:  You were right about Shepherd, he's a bad omen.  We have a chance at peace, finally, anything goes wrong; we could be plunged back into the black of war.  Take him out.

General Linus Abner: Today might not be the best time.

Silus:  As soon as the treaty's signed.  Use your best.  Order given, radio silent.