Shiloh is the capital and largest city of Gilboa. Following the Unification War, the city experienced a twenty-year reconstruction effort. Shiloh and its eight suburban counties have a combined population of 13,209,006 people, or 70.23% of the country's population. The city itself has a population of 8,323,847. Shiloh is only hours from the Northern Front and the border with Gath. East Shiloh is home to Unity Stadium, which holds an annual international tennis classic, as well as hosting Lorem United one of the two teams in the Royal Gilboan Football League. Shiloh is home to much of Gilboa's industry, including CrossGen, PharmaCross, and Pella Industries. It is also home to the Royal Treasury, where the gold that backs the Gilboan Laurel is held. Shiloh has over 804 kilometers of subterranean railway and is home to three beaches and the nation's largest national park. Unity Hall in the center of the city, claims the title of the tallest building in the world. The official residence of the Royal Family is Altar Mansion Shiloh.

History Edit

Shiloh was the largest city of Gilboa, and was the capital sometime during the Unification War. Shiloh was rebuilt under Silas' direction, returning the city beyond its former glory. Shiloh was improved upon, turning into the gleaming city of hope that the people needed. Shiloh became home to many corporations and companies, prospering for many years. However, not until recently has the city been completely restored physically and economically.