The Triple Alliance consited of  the Kingdoms of Gath, Carmel, and Selah.

Unification War Edit

During the Unification War, the Kingdoms of Gath, Carmel, and Selah banded together to against Gilboa. With superior technology and a larger army, they were able  besiege the Gilboan capital city of Shiloh, and subsequently rendered it uninhabitable, and leaving the Gilboan economy in tatters. However, then General Silas Benjamin led Gilboan counter-offensives and conquered Carmel and Selah. Vesper Abbadon of Carmel was captured and imprisoned. By 1982, now negotiating from a position of strength, Gilboa reached an armistice with Gath, the last remaining member of the Triple Alliance.

Present Day Edit

Carmel and Selah have been fully annexed into the Kingdom of Gilboa. Tensions with Gath remain high, particularly over Port Prosperity, and the northern territories of Gilboa.