Unity Hall is the governmental center of the Kingdom of Gilboa. Located in Shiloh, Unity Hall is the country's tallest building. It was constructed during the Shiloh Reconstruction.[[Gilboan Ministers|

Unity Tower.


Kings Court Room Edit

The Kings Court is a room where the king has meetings about the country's future/current state. There is a large window behind the kings table and a glass stand with the countrys symbol and many Gilboan flags and some chairs.


King Meeting Chamber

Additional rooms Edit

It has been shown that Unity Hall has a museum as well as a public community center. It has been shown that the tower includes many large meeting rooms and has also been shown to include many important things this building also has the offices of the Gilboan ministers.

Public Domain/Uses Edit

Many speeches and public discussions are held at the Unity Hall, it also appears to house a public health center. This Building is the site of Coronations. As a Government Building it houses many offices for the different government officials and can be considered a very large office building.


King's Court.