Vesper Abbadon in Gehenna

Vesper Abbadon, was the King of Carmel from 1963 - 1979 before it was conquered by Gilboa.

Character History Edit

Popular belief is that King Silas had Vesper  executed thirty years ago, however he has been held prisoner in "Gehenna" - a military guarded warehouse. Vesper was evidently a cruel dictator having earned the moniker "The Bloody King of Carmel". After he was overthrown by Silas, the Carmelites melted down the statue Abbadon the stood in the former capital into a brick and sunk it to the bottom of the sea. Before his incarceration Vesper is noted as having advised then General Silas: "Being King means never sleeping through the night again.” Before being overthrown by Silas, Vesper was able to hide all the material riches of Carmel in the form of gold.